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  • Facials

    All Spa facial treatments include the use of professional Dermalogica and Glymed Products, aromatic essential oils, warm steaming, desincrustation, exfoliation, extractions, masque therapy, pressure point or European style massage, and moisturizer.

    Our future Professional will help you select the one best for your skin type.

    • Hot Stone Facial  – $35
      Using both hot and cold stones we massage and soothe the muscles of the face and neck, detoxify the skin and replenish inner peace.
    • Classic European Spa Facial  – $35
      Spa facial treatment designed for all skin types.
    • Collagen Spa Facial  – $50
      Specifically designed to minimize signs of aging and dehydration, using Collagen that is able to withhold over 1000 times its weight in water. Fine lines fade right before your very eyes.
    • Skin Calming Spa Facial – $35
      Specifically designed for sensitive, irritated, sunburned, or reddened skin. Calms and soothes hypersensitive skin, minimizing redness or irritation caused from internal or external sources.
    • Acne Spa Facial – $35
      Designed to eliminate and destroy bacteria which causes acne. Entrapped bacteria is extracted to rid the skin of impurities.
    • Detoxifying Mud Spa Facial – $40 
      (4 scents to choose from) – Recommended for all skin types especially beneficial for oily skin. Specialty aroma clay designed to detoxify and pull impurities from the skin, providing essential minerals which soften rough skin, eliminate congestion and minimize pore size.
    • Vitamin Pack Spa Facial  – $40 
      Specifically designed for most skin types except oily skin using enzyme and light chemical peeling techniques followed by a creamy power pack hydration masque made up of essential vitamins to nourish the skin.
    • Oatmeal Pack Spa Facial – $40 
      Designed for all skin types to calm and sooth, yet pull unwanted impurities from the skin preventing breakouts.
    • Lymphatic Drainage Spa Facial – $35
      This facial includes manual lymphatic drainage massage. Reduces swelling while cleansing the tissues of toxins.
    • Anti-Aging Facial – $40
      Using anti-aging product technology, reduce wrinkles and slow down the aging process.
    • Non-Surgical Face Lift (Includes Express Facial) – $40
      No surgery, no healing, results before your very eyes. Tightening, toning, wrinkle reducing treatment with immediate results.
    • Sacred Nature Organic Facial- $40 
      Treatment specifically designed for those seeking to rehydrate, dry, dull, thirsty skin using 100% organic Eco-friendly products.
    • Ultimate 4-layer Face Lift Facial – $60
      No surgery or healing, results right before your eyes. Tightening, toning, wrinkle reducing treatment with immediate results.
    • Express Facial – $15
      For those on the go. Includes a cleanse, exfoliation, masque and moisturizer.
  • Tired Eye Treatment

    Rejuvenates tissue surrounding eyes minimizing wrinkling, puffiness using hydrating botanicals blanketed with collagen.

    • Tired Eye Treatment – $20.00
    • With Facial Treatment – $10.00
    • Full Day Pamper Package – $175.00

      • Ultimate 4-Layer Facial
      • Makeup application
      • Spa Body Treatment of your choice
      • Spa Manicure and Pedicure
      • Hair conditioning Treatment with Blow Dry
      • Lunch
        Approx. treatment time 5-7 hours