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Everyday Tonic


Everyday Tonic hydrating softening tonic protects and oxygenates, recommended morning and evening after the cleansing phase to rebalance skin pH and tone.

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The atomized sea water, rich in mineral salts, with OXYâ„¢, a complex which stimulates cellular respiration, helps to awaken dull, tired skin thereby bestowing vitality and refound splendour. Betaglucan, a powerful biological active obtained from yeast, has the ability to stimulate the skin’s immune system as well as the biological defence system against oxidative stress, limiting cellular damage and the consequant loss of tone and luminosity. the result is a skin which is always effectively protected against aggressions, which on a daily basis can compromise skin equilibrium. panthenol or pro-vitamin B5, sodtens the skin, leaving it pleasantly hydrated.

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