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Anthony Peterson

Oct 10 2019

“Dear want-to-be haircutters. Before I went to Sassoon, I could not even cut a straight line let alone cut Graduation or Layer’s. Sassoon has taught me to cut hair the right way, has taught me the rules that help guide you to cut the perfect haircut, whether it be Layer’s, Line’s and Graduation. These steps are the ABC’s of a true professional hairstylist. I can honestly say these steps to the ABC’s of Sassoon are branded in my head like the letters of the ABC’s. Not just because of taking the Sassoon Course, but as well as the instructor’s at Cameo College and how they share all of their knowledge with you. I am truly blessed that I chose to come to Cameo College and I truly feel that they are the best school out there. Cameo College is the only school out there that teaches The ABC’s of Sassoon, let alone tells me that Cameo College is the right school to give me the skills to be the best I can be in the hairstyling business. I hope that all of you want-to-be haircutters take my advice and make the wonderful decision I made by going to Cameo College.”

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