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Oct 09 2019

“To be completely honest, I came into this school completely unaware of who or what sassoon was. When I began learning the Sassoon cutting system on the matrix, my brain was amazed. Not in a “Wow! this is amazing, I totally get it.” More like, “I’m probably going to stab this mannekin in the head if I don’t get this round graduation right asap.” After much trial and error, I kind of started getting the hang of it. Than, with more practice… quite proud of myself, I started appreciating the system and understanding what I was doing and why I was doing it. Honestly though, it didn’t stay that way. I became complacent throughout my journey. I just went into my haircuts simple minded, basically throwing this amazing tool out the window. I noticed my haircuts were looking pretty dull and I really wasn’t proud of the work I was doing. Concerned for where my spark was and why I was getting so worn out, I indulged myself to a “block everything out in the world other than my sassoon book moment.” I soon found myself hungry to do another haircut. From what I’ve seen thus far, sassoon is a tool that holds loyalty and spunk, because no matter how many times I read it I know I will always come up with new ways to use what it is I’ve just read. I believe sassoon wasn’t easy for any of us to learn. Simply because as hairstylists, we’re all artists and to learn your sassoon you actually have to incorporate quite a bit of your left brain to get the technique down. Once you’ve established that, feel free to create what you willl with that you’ve learned. Basically guys, once you’ve build your hard, sturdy foundation, feel free to continue building your house in the most quirky or even subtle of ways. Sassoon is the tool that keeps my mind alive and fresh with ideas for any and all haircuts to come.”

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