Brow & Lash Services | Cameo College of Essential Beauty in Murray, Utah

Brow & Lash Services

  • Eye Lash Extensions

    We can add thickness, fullness and length to create beautiful, flirty lashes you dreamed about.

    • Eyelash Extensions (40 lashes per eye)  – $75
    • Eyelash Fill – $40
    • Eyelash Removal – $35
  • Lash Perm

    Lash Perms creates a more youthful appearance particularly for those whose eyelids are beginning to droop. The safe, simple lash perm process incorporates gentle perming solutions and slim flexible rollers to create a beautiful curl.

    • $20
  • Eye Lash or Brow Tinting

    This service offers a safe effective way to add color to enhance your features or cover your gray hair.

    • $10
  • Tired Eye Treatment

    Rejuvenates tissue surrounding eyes minimizing wrinkling and puffiness using hydrating botanicals blanketed with collagen.

    • $20