• "When my instructor Justin asked me to talk about how beauty school has changed my life, I not only thought about my journey this far, but also my experiences before enrolling at Cameo. I always knew I had a passion for doing hair, it was just something I was good at. When I was a little kid I would chop my barbie dolls hair off! When I got older and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I went to my parents and told them I wanted to be a Cosmetologist. They weren't very thrilled. My mom had went to beauty school and she ended up not liking it. They told me I would be the same way. They said I would end up hating it and that the beauty industry is a very competitive world. I knew that I had enough passion and enough drive that anything I set my mind to, I could do! So, that month I enrolled at Cameo. There is no doubt in my mind that this was the best decision I have ever made. I wake up every morning excited to go to school. I leave school either smiling or laughing. I have learned and experienced so many different things here. I have watched myself grow stronger and stronger everyday. Most importantly I have learned to never give up and to face your fears, whatever they might be. I will never forget my very first haircut... I almost peed my pants I was so scared and I was only cutting my moms hair. I am always my toughest critic. I judge myself harshly and at times I feel like I'm not good enough, but the instructors and the friends I have made here have given me so much more confidence with my abilities. Seeing my clients walk out the door happier than when they came in makes all the hard work worth it. I never realized how much a Cosmetology license was capable of. With a license I can travel the world, become an educator, I can own a salon, I can be an inventor and I can change peoples lives with my hands. I just want to say thank you to all of my instructors and friends who have been there for me throughout this wonderful journey. I can carry the things my instructors have taught me throughout the rest of my life. I feel so grateful for this opportunity to be in an amazing school such as this."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Anonymous

  • "To be completely honest, I came into this school completely unaware of who or what sassoon was. When I began learning the Sassoon cutting system on the matrix, my brain was amazed. Not in a "Wow! this is amazing, I totally get it." More like, "I'm probably going to stab this mannekin in the head if I don't get this round graduation right asap." After much trial and error, I kind of started getting the hang of it. Than, with more practice... quite proud of myself, I started appreciating the system and understanding what I was doing and why I was doing it. Honestly though, it didn't stay that way. I became complacent throughout my journey. I just went into my haircuts simple minded, basically throwing this amazing tool out the window. I noticed my haircuts were looking pretty dull and I really wasn't proud of the work I was doing. Concerned for where my spark was and why I was getting so worn out, I indulged myself to a "block everything out in the world other than my sassoon book moment." I soon found myself hungry to do another haircut. From what I've seen thus far, sassoon is a tool that holds loyalty and spunk, because no matter how many times I read it I know I will always come up with new ways to use what it is I've just read. I believe sassoon wasn't easy for any of us to learn. Simply because as hairstylists, we're all artists and to learn your sassoon you actually have to incorporate quite a bit of your left brain to get the technique down. Once you've established that, feel free to create what you willl with that you've learned. Basically guys, once you've build your hard, sturdy foundation, feel free to continue building your house in the most quirky or even subtle of ways. Sassoon is the tool that keeps my mind alive and fresh with ideas for any and all haircuts to come."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Anonymous

  • "As a recent graduated of "Cameo College of Essential Beauty", I am very excited to star my career. This is a fantastic school to attend to gain new advanced skills and techniques, in any of the programs that Cameo College offers. They do an excellent job preparing you with the requirements for licensure. During my journey at Cameo College in The Master Medical Esthetics Program, I learn advanced skills and techniques in theory and application, gained hands-on experience in advanced spa techniques that allowed me to graduate as an experienced Esthetician and prepared me to assess and meet the unique needs of each of my future clients. A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, DR. FRYER, teaches the medical part of this program, which is a huge plus. He is an expert in his field. His lectures are extremely informative and educational and helped me provide better services. As a student, we can earn the opportunity to do an externship at his Clinic and Medical Spa. Also as a part of this program, they offer a Personal and Business Development course called "Nuts and Bolts". They emphasize leadership and management to better prepare you to advance in your career. This program delivers a strong foundation in the business world. Cameo College is a state of the art facility that offers many opportunities for students. I want to thank Cameo College for the great education they provided me."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Anonymous

  • "So here's how my journey ended and began. I finished my journey and state testing before my hours were up I was not about to wait around and not get anywhere in life by doing nothing. I applied at 40 salons. No joke, I walked my resume in each salon and had tours, second interviews, and even practice interviews. I was hired at 3 salons at the same time and had amazing offers from some amazing salons in town even after I was already hired. I started working at a salon in West Jordan. When I went in everything sounded great and the hours worked for me and my family and she had a lot of retail. I started working there; I had a 50/50 commission set up. Long story short I got a lot of experience cutting and getting faster at it. The salon to me was home of the $10 cuts. I did not go to school to do $10 cuts. I knew I was worth more and I could do better. I did not go to school to settle for less. I was encouraged by my fiancé to take a risk so I decided I was going to open my own business. I contacted the salon where I get my nails done, she advised me she had a studio for rent and it would be perfect for me. I have been there ever since and it is one of the best choices I have ever made. I am proud to say I am doing very well. I am the only hair stylist in a very busy nail salon. I am getting instant clients from the existing nail salon and building more on my own through my website and getting listed on the internet. I am averaging about $200-$300 a day in services and retail is really taking off. It'â„¢s the best feeling ever to know that all that I have done is paying off. I want to thank Cameo for everything I have learned, it has made me who I am today. I brag to all my clients about where I went to school and the amazing things that I got the opportunity to learn. I think the saying work smarter not harder is so true! I was busting my butt at the first salon I worked at, but I took the negative from it and turned it into a positive. This is just the beginning of something huge. I plan to soon open up a bigger salon. Again thank you Cameo staff and Brenda for all the skills and education provided to me. Having my own salon I can'â„¢t miss days, that'â„¢s why your attendance policy is a good habit to start with. Thanks a proud 3 month old graduate."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Crissey Lynn

  • "Brenda,
    I competed in the ISSE show cut/color Sassoon contest this last weekend, and my model looked amazing. I took her from a level 9 blonde to a level 4 deep red, took off about 8 inches and gave her an awesome fringe. She looked amazing. After the cut and color were done, she called me almost in tears telling me she has never been asked out on so many dates and has never felt more confident. She was very grateful for her new look and that I have really changed her life. She just wanted me to know. it made me feel awesome and just solidified the real reason I am a cosmetologist and that is to change peoples lives.
    Thanks again, "

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Andrea Phillips

  • "Everything is going great since graduation. I am currently in Denver, CO and own my own business in Brighton doing esthetics, massage and holistic health care, called Oasis Health Spa. In the last year I have been able to increase my clientelle to over 100 clients and see about 40 of them on a regular monthly basis. I have brought on the Dermalogica product line as well as PCA skin for peels and Microdermabrasion, Salt of the Earth, and M'lis for overall health. Business is small now but I hope to grow in the next few years, as the economy gets better. Things are great and I owe a great amount of my success to the education that I recieved from Cameo. Thank you all for the education and the help that you provided me while I was there."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Amanda

  • "When I started Cameo I was nervous to start the cutting course, but with the Sassoon Cutting Techniques I learned, and I love it! I am glad Cameo is a Sassoon Connection School!"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Anna Johnson

  • "When I came I knew nothing about cutting hair, learning to cut the Sassoon Way from my instructor Justin, has opened my mind and inspires me. I love dancing, the more I learn about Sassoon cutting, the more it resembles an amazing dance choreography!"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Keysha Jones

  • "I just love the instructor that I had, she made it so much fun she always does, she is very understanding and patient, she made me look forward into going to class. I loved learning the Sassoon way. I have always been really good at cutting hair so I moved right along in that class. Everybody was shocked with how quickly I could cut. I wish that I could be an instructor someday as good as Stephanie. I really look up to her, she is AWESOME!!!!! Steph you ROCK!!!! Thanks for being my instructor in Sassoon. Loves ya. Thanks to all of the instructors for all of there hard work with putting up with all of the students. And Brenda, you taught me soooo much in Nuts and Bolts, thank you. Cameo is the BEST school ever!!!!!"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Amy Muhlestein O'Banion

  • "I NEVER considered learning to cut hair, until I saw Sassoon cuts! Simply Amazing!"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Ang Reynolds

  • "To be honest I had no idea there was a SASSOON cutting system out there until I attended Cameo. I had looked at other schools for years and just never felt that spark of interest to enroll UNTIL I stepped thru Cameo's doors. I feel that learning SASSOON has been more than just a learning process; it has given me the ability to have absolutely no fear to cut hair and to be amazingly successful in my career. I thank Cameo College everyday for being a SASSOON Connection School, otherwise; I probably would have never started a career as a Cosmetologist."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Sophia Eldredge

  • "Learning to cut the Sassoon way gave me so much confidence in cutting hair, its our ABC's!! Because of that I started competing right away in national competitions! Thanks Sassoon!!"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Bianca Fazliu

  • "At first in Sassoon, you cry from frustration. By the end, you cry about your accomplishments!"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Jenny Duong

  • "Dear want-to-be haircutters. Before I went to Sassoon, I could not even cut a straight line let alone cut Graduation or Layer's. Sassoon has taught me to cut hair the right way, has taught me the rules that help guide you to cut the perfect haircut, whether it be Layer's, Line's and Graduation. These steps are the ABC's of a true professional hairstylist. I can honestly say these steps to the ABC's of Sassoon are branded in my head like the letters of the ABC's. Not just because of taking the Sassoon Course, but as well as the instructor's at Cameo College and how they share all of their knowledge with you. I am truly blessed that I chose to come to Cameo College and I truly feel that they are the best school out there. Cameo College is the only school out there that teaches The ABC's of Sassoon, let alone tells me that Cameo College is the right school to give me the skills to be the best I can be in the hairstyling business. I hope that all of you want-to-be haircutters take my advice and make the wonderful decision I made by going to Cameo College."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Anthony Peterson

  • "Hello Brenda, Staff, students, and fellow graduates, Since graduation and chasing paperwork to receive my Nevada license, I've opened my business in my daughters salon, Tresses, here in Battle Mountain. My place is called Bobbi's Hair "B" Gone. I enjoy the work so much. This is a very small area, approximately 3,000 people, so my clientele is mostly friends and acquaintances from years back. Wives are now bringing in their husbands for a bit of up keep. I've found that word of mouth is still the best advertisement. The business has been open about a year now, and my clientele is slowly increasing. I wanted a part time job to keep me busy while Dave enjoys his retirement, and this is working very well for us. We're still able to do the traveling we love, so have the best of both worlds."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Barbara (Bobbi) Koll

  • "I am so proud to be part of Cameo. Cameo changed my life, the education, the experience the great memories, the friendship that I have made I will keep for the rest of my wonderful life... thank you so much for making your school the best of the best! I also appreciate the help that you continue giving back to the community. love all of you !!!"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Annette Jones

  • "As a former graduate of Cameo College of Essential Beauty and now a part of the Cameo team I feel my education is far greater then most master aestheticians in the field today. We are the leader in the beauty industry keeping up with the most current treatments and techniques. We push our students and staff to strive to be the very best. With our Nuts and Bolts program I truly leaned what 5-star customer service is today and how to dominate over my competition. I felt like my instructors truly were passionate about what they were teaching and I attribute that to my great education"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Adriane Baxter

  • "My education I have received from Cameo has helped me over the past 16 years to achieve my dreams. There is so many avenues that you can peruse as an cosmetologist. I work behind the chair, I am an educator, retail specialist, event coordinator and Nuts and Bolts Business trainer. I love how versatile my career is. I recommend Cameo College of Essential Beauty to anyone who wants to start a career in the Beauty and Wellness Industry."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Jessica Kimball

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