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Maream Al dooriMaream Al doori
00:14 30 Jan 23
Sarah A was my hair stylist I recommend her to you if you are planning to go to Cameo. She have a nice personality and very friendly. I promise she will make your day. She treated my hair and gave it a nice healthy glow as well as as a nice style. I think she does other things aside from the hair so book with her before she graduate!!
Serena HerreraSerena Herrera
02:33 20 Jan 23
Miss Marianna Garza had done some festival braids on my hair on Jan.17.2023. If you are looking to get any type of braiding done that girl will kill it. It was super clean, tight, and fun. Now if it wasn't the Hair Olympics I would of definitely left my braids in. I will be soon booking an appointment with her to get my hair redone. I love her work and she always makes me feel like a whole other woman. As in a different side of me comes out to play that i didn't even knew existed. 😉😁
Juman MaiberJuman Maiber
23:45 03 Jan 23
It was a really great job with Sarah A. I loved my hair and the result was more than wonderful. My husband liked the color of my hair after it was full of white hair. I unified the color and made the color I want. Before that, I treated my hair and got a beautiful haircut. I wish her a wonderful future. She is a cooperative girl with a smile. Comfortable, hardworking and sincere. Thank you, dear Sarah
Covenant TuitavukiCovenant Tuitavuki
23:19 31 Dec 22
Diana did a wonderful job with my balayage. I was a bit worried going in at first because i didn’t have a pleasant experience the last time someone did my hair professionally. Diana took her time and walked me thru the process and made sure I was comfortable with my color and toner selection. Her confidence as a student made me trust her recommendations. This is how my second time booking her and I’m excited to keep booking her in the future. Keep up the awesome job, Diana.
shalini namathirthamshalini namathirtham
23:48 11 Jun 22
I had such a great experience today! I’ve been to other bigger schools before but this was one of the best services I’ve gotten. Lauren was super thorough, genuinely friendly and cared about giving me the best possible service. She was patient and answered all my questions and gave me honest tips and treatment options for my hair. It did not feel like I was at a school, definitely going back!

HEERF Grant Report


Final Report June 2022

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Final Report June 2022

HEERF II Final Report

[pdf-embedder url=””]
HEERF II Final Report

HEERF II Policy October 2021

[pdf-embedder url=””]
HEERF II Policy October 2021

HEERF Quarterly Report 10-01-21

[pdf-embedder url=””]
HEERF Quarterly Report 10-01-21

HEERF Quarterly Report 06-30-2021

[pdf-embedder url=””]
HEER Quarterly Report 06-30-2021

HEERF 2 - CRRSAA 05/25/2021 Information

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HEERF 2 – CRRSAA 05/25/2021 Information

HEERF Quarterly Report 01-15-21

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HEERF Quarterly Report 01-15-21

HEERF Final Report 10-10-2020

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HEERF Quarterly Report 10-10-2020

Amount of HEERF to be divided

Amount of HEERF to be divided evenly amongst qualified students: $147,567

Amount of HEERF to be divided evenly amongst qualified students: $147,567

50% of this grant will be disbursed in the 2nd quarter of the calendar year. The remaining 50% of this grant will be disbursed in the 3rd quarter of the calendar year to qualifying students.

Cameo College of Essential Beauty will be distributing the HEERF II funds 1st disbursement beginning as early as May 25th, 2021

Date of Distribution for the below qualified students: 5/25/2021

qualified student definition

A qualified student is defined as:

  • A student who is currently enrolled as of May 6th 2021
  • A student that is deemed eligible for 2020/2021 FAFSA award year
  • A student that is enrolled in a Title IV Eligible Program (program min. 600 hours)
  • A student that is in good standing (meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress “SAP” as of May 20th, 2021)

A student that does NOT qualify for HEERF are defined as follows:

  • A student that was NOT actively enrolled/attending as of May 6th, 2021
  • A student that is NOT deemed eligible for 2020/2021 FAFSA
  • A student that is NOT enrolled in a Title IV Program (program min. 600 hours)
  • A student that is in NOT good standing (meeting SAP) by May 20th, 2020
Emergency Financial Aid Funding Disclosure
  •  Cameo College of Essential Beauty signed an acknowledgement of and returned on 4/14/2020 the Certification and Agreement and the assurance that the institution has used, or intends to use the funds received under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act to provide Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students that meet the qualifications.
  • Total amount of student funds received  $101,380.00
  • Total amount of Emergency Financial Aid Grants distributed to students in the amount of $817.58 for the first disbursement on June 2 2020. The second disbursement was from September 15th the through September 26th  distributing the remaining balances of $408.78 to students that were eligible.
  • Total number of students that are or could be eligible and received the grant on June 2nd 2020 was 79 students and 82 students from September 15th to September 26th 2020, at the institution eligible to participate in programs under Section 484 in Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965.
  • The method used by the institution to determine eligibility *Click for HEERF Policy
  • Any instructions, directions, or guidance provided by the institution to students concerning the Emergency Financial Aid Grants.

*Updated 07/11/2023 – All information is verified and correct as of this date


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