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Cameo Cares

Jun 05 2020

Cameo Cares – After we got the news that we had to close our school due to COVID-19, our staff immediately went to work on pivoting from a hands on school to providing Online Temporary Distance Education.

We were also quietly working on applying for Emergency Funding provided by the Federal Government specifically to help qualifying students during this difficult time. The available funding quickly ran out so we were very fortunate that our team jumped on the application process as soon as they did. Words cannot fully express how it warmed our hearts to see the gratitude from our students and the tears of relief knowing that they can now pay their rent, bills, and help make ends meet. This has been a difficult time for all of us, but we are truly a family here at Cameo and we care about our students as if they were a part of our own family.




Jonesy – ” So I  honestly came into school on Tuesday at a pretty low place because of everything that has being going on in the world. Then on top of that, I was heavily debating leaving early so I could go to work in order to be able to afford my bills that were due this month. Getting that unexpected check meant that I was able to pay my bills and not have to leave school and lose time on hours. It was just a huge weight lifted off my chest.”

Raylynn Reed – ” I’m so thankful that I chose the school that I did! Cameo applied for a grant for students who may qualify to receive additional funding, and I qualified! How kind of my school to take the students into consideration. That’s one less bill this month. My gratitudes, prayers and manifestations are coming true. Read “The secret” It’s been a life changer for me!”

Chole Moser – ” I truly love Cameo College. I have dreamed of coming to Cameo since I was a little girl, about 12. I came to a beauty event and had my eyebrows waxed for the very first time. Ever since, I knew I would go to Cameo one day. Little did I know this school would bring me such great blessings. My birthday was June second and I believed I would receive a very special gift. Receiving the grant helped me out immensely as only one person in my household has been able to work during quarantine and was able to keep their job after quarantine was over. But then fell ill (Not COVID related) and has not been able to return to work since. This put my family in much stress. With this grant money, not only could I catch up on bills and buy groceries; but I could also make a down payment on a reliable car that I needed for a long time. The weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I can finally breath again because I don’t have to worry anymore. 

I love Cameo, their amazing staff and instructors and of course my awesome classmates. 

Thank you so much Cameo for you have truly blessed and changed my life incredibly. “

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