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What to Expect: Your First Bikini Wax

Apr 17 2015

WebWe can’t wait for summer! Which gets us thinking about soaking rays by the pool, which gets us thinking about cute swimsuits, which gets us thinking about…that it’s time for a bikini wax! If you’ve never had one before, it can seem pretty scary. Great news, it’s totally not! Here are some quick tips to get the best bikini wax experience possible.

  • Grow your hair out, but not too long. The ideal length is 1/8 – 1/4″, providing enough hair for the wax to grip, as well as allowing the entire follicle to be released from the root.
  • Hydrate and moisturize. While you should always be drinking plenty of water (check out this post about foods that hydrate), it’s especially important that skin is healthy as it eases the hair removal.
  • Exfoliate before and between waxes. Use a loofah, brush, or exfoliating cream to gentle slough skin. Dead skin cells can clog pores or follicles, causing ingrown hairs.
  • No mimosa brunch today! Avoid caffeine and alcohol, as they can tighten pores and make the wax a bit painful.
  • It’s totally ok to be in the middle of a menstrual cycle during your wax, unless you experience heightened sensitivity during that time.



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