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I Graduated from Beauty College- Now What?

Nov 11 2014

If you’ve just graduated from beauty school, congratulations! You’ve followed your passion and worked hard to bring your dreams into fruition. If you’re still in school, keep up the great work! You’re C00_0545on the path to a fun and rewarding cosmetology career. But what happens when you’re ready to fly from the nest of Cameo College of Essential Beauty? Life after graduation can seem daunting, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. We’ve got some tips on what to look for in a salon you’d love to work for, questions to ask during an interview, and how to continue an education throughout your career in esthetics, cosmetology, nails, or electrolysis.

First and foremost, fulfill all licensing requirements. If you want to hit the ground running and establish yourself, don’t waste valuable time waiting to take your state board exams. Your memory will be fresh and up-to-date, and that confidence is a sure ticket to success.

Know yourself. Where do you see yourself thriving? Not all students go straight to a salon or a spa. Would you prefer to become an instructor? How about being a sales representative for a hair care or makeup company? Don’t forget about trade shows or seminars. The possibilities are endless, so be mindful of what would make you happy and truly successful – by your own definition.

If you do see yourself in a salon, remember that each one is different. Larger chain salons offer continuing education and plenty of advertising, which can be an excellent platform with which to begin. Smaller boutique salons focus on core services, and you can easily begin specializing with your specific skills. But how do you find the right salon for you? Start with a list of what your ideal workplace would offer. Visit several salons as a client, and make notes of your observations, both positive and negative. How is the customer service? Is it clean and inviting? Is there a warm, friendly atmosphere?

Stay in your local community. Cameo College of Essential Beauty is nationally recognized and has been long established in the Salt Lake Valley. Stylists, owners, and managers all over the state know and value the quality students we produce, and are more likely to extend an offer when they are confident in your education.

Perhaps you’ve found your perfect workplace. Now comes the interview, which contrary to what you might believe, doesn’t have to be the hard part! Ask plenty of questions to your interviewer. What are the expectations of their staff? Do they offer incentive programs? What types of goals does the salon set for its employees?

Cosmetology is a rapidly growing industry, and there’s plenty of room for development and opportunity. It’s an exciting and fulfilling career where you help people look and feel their best. With the tools above, you can set your personal intentions and get that extra advantage as you begin your search.

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