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Want Colorful Hair That’s Healthy? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Sep 16 2016

Nichole Walker Pink Hair Cameo College

Want Colorful Hair That’s Healthy? Here’s What You Need to Know.

By Nichole Walker.      Photo credit Nichole Walker.

Fun colors are all in this year. Whether it’s a simple light pink to complement your natural blonde, or an all over Rainbow Dash copy, getting the color the way you want can be tricky.

Colors Need A White Backdrop

Many people think that you just go buy a box or bottle of the desired color and put it on your hair and done. Nope! First, you must think about the underlying color and tone that is on the hair you plan to put the color on top. Which may be your natural color (virgin hair), or dyed and processed hair. I’m always asking my clients, what are you looking for when you see that color on your hair. Do you want it vibrant and true? Maybe lightly muted or even faded out to provide a more pastel color? The color of your hair prior to placing the fun color will totally change the outcome.

If you are looking for that bright, true color, you have to be thinking platinum. Colors show best on a white backdrop. The same is true when going for the fun colors to pop in your hair. This means that wherever you want that color to stand out, you need to process it with lightener, prior to coloring. So plan ahead! If you are at a level 4(dark brown), don’t expect to get to a 10/11 (platinum/white) within one service. This is where the consultation is so important!

Honest Communication is Key

Talking with my client and setting their expectations on time and cost is vital. A happy client is an informed client. [tweetthis]A happy client is an informed client.[/tweetthis] Depending on if their hair is already pretty light and will just need a simple boost with one lightening treatment, or they are darker and will take 2-3 treatments spread out through a month, this all requires honest communication.

Once you have the expectations clear, a plan set out, it’s now time to talk product. What brand will you use? Many brands offer different benefits and last differently. For example, if your client is just looking for a quick color for the weekend, you’re probably not going to want to use a permanent color that fades slowly and will not wash out with 20 washes.

Have Fun With It!

Colors are a fun alternative to natural looks and can show personality. Knowing that they can be changed is a popular reason for doing vibrant colors. As long as you know what to expect and communicate well, your color should show just who you are, which is always unique!

Nichole Walker Cameo College


Nichole Walker loves hair and writing. She is pursuing both her Cosmetology License and a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing. After graduating, she plans on specializing in the styling and maintenance of ethnic hair, because of her two daughter who have beautiful ethnic hair. Nichole will be graduating from Cameo College in May 2017.

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