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High School Student Kennadi Prior to graduate Cosmetology Program

May 14 2013

Cameo College graduate Kennadi Prior is recognized and admired by her peers. Kennadi is a senior at Park City High School where she is graduating with high honors in June of this year. But her story is unique; when she walks at her high school graduation, with the class of 2013, she will have also graduated with her Cosmetology license, a 2000 hour course, during her time at Park City High School; all before the age of eighteen. She has become a substantial influence to the people around her. With determination and perseverance, her story proves that with hard work and a positive attitude, you can achieve your dreams.

From her youth Kennadi has always admired and dreamt of being a cosmetologist. As told by her mother, She began working on her styling abilities at about the age of three when she would style her mothers and fathers hair. This art became her passion and she began to look forward to the start of her journey in Cosmetology. In her junior year her dream became a reality when she worked with her counselors to incorporate into her schedule her Cosmetology program. Kennadi is an exceptionally mature and assertive young lady. She takes time to thinks things through and is extremely intentional with her life, says her high school counselor Nikolai Jensen, Kennadi is the first student to complete both curriculums simultaneously from our school district There is no limit to what this young lady can accomplish in her life.

Kennadi started her course at Cameo College of Essential Beauty in November 2011. Shortly after beginning classes she began to feel the weight of the intense schedule that both courses required. While juggling her friends, family, sports, homework, and summer courses for credits she would not have time for within the normal school year; she prevailed through it all. Along with these challenges her commute included a forty-five minute drive from Park City, Utah to Murray City, Utah; where she endured many Utah winter hazards. Through these extreme conditions Kennadi maintained a ninety-eight percent attendance. Her (Kennadi) ability to set goals and accomplish them is a great example to us all. Kennadi is very determined to do what she knows is right and is able to influence our family and all others to also make better decisions, States her Father.  Graduating from both high school and her cosmetology program, these accomplishments have brought new opportunities.

Kennadi, after graduation, will be attending Utah Valley University working to achieve her business degree, along with working as a cosmetologist. Kennadi has the support of her friends, family, high school faculty, and students and faculty at Cameo College. We congratulate Kennadi and her huge accomplishment with achieving both her high school diploma along with her license in Cosmetology; both before the age of eighteen. We are excited to see you grow and have been honored to teach you and help you prepare for the experiences to come.

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