High School Student Scholarships







Full Esthetics 1/2 Off (reg. $13,704.00) Only $6,850.00 + Kit Fee

Cosmetology 1/2 Off (reg. $15,744.00) Only $7,872.00 + Kit Fee

Electrolysis $1,000.00 Off (reg. $5,352.00)

Nail Technology $500.00 Off (reg. $2,300.00)

Permanent Cosmetics $500.00 Off (reg. $2,550.00)


Hands On Experience

Future professionals attending Cameo College have the privilege of servicing over 4,000

service guests a month, in return producing confident, knowledgeable graduates prepared 

for the Professional Beauty Industry upon graduation.


Why Choose Cameo College?

  • Educational Quality
    • This will be one of the most important investments you will ever make. The college you choose sets the foundation for your future.
  • Mentoring
    • During your career, you may need assistance in business building. Our committed Cameo staff will be here to coach you at no additional cost to help ensure your success.
  • Employment Assistance
    • Cameo will coach the students with resume preparation and by posting employment opportunities on the school website. Cameo will also provide graduating students with our professional salon referral program.


  • *High School students must register and start no later than August of their senior year.