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Nail Your Holiday Party Look

Dec 09 2014

holiday party‘Tis the season for festivities and good cheer! We’ll always celebrate any opportunity to wear glitter, but there are endless possibilities when it comes to jazzing up your seasonal party outfit. Let’s take holiday fashion to a whole new level this year – we’ve got the details to spice things up.

Make a Statement

Go bold with a snazzy piece of jewelry, like a bright bedazzled choker or necklace. Add a large flashy ring, or perhaps some bold bangles around your wrist. There’s no reason why an accessory can’t be the focal point of your outfit!

Mix Metals

This season, it’s all about the metallic – from polish to eyeshadow to wardrobe, metal can appear anywhere.  Opt for a silver shimmer shadow, or give your nails a gorgeous golden glow.

Add a Touch of Feather

You might be shakin your tailfeather all night, so why not add some real feathers? Fun and feminine, you can add some to your hair, or perhaps wear them as earrings.  Channel your inner ‘30s starlet and break out the boa.

Stain Those Lips

Winter is the best time for rubies and garnets, and we’re not just talking gemstones. Deep red lips are all the rage this season, from plum to crimson. Dark lips add a bold statement to any look – pair with simple eyeshadow for a real pop.

Manicure to Top it Off

Don’t forget the crowning jewel of any holiday party outfit – a manicure! The nails wrapped around your adorable new clutch can’t be forgotten in the preparations. Add a glitter accent nail or fancy nail art to top off your look.



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