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All Things Beard for Movember

Nov 25 2014

The hipster-influenced trends of men’s facial hair are sweeping the nation. Beards aren’t just for Brooklyn and Portland anymore, and men everywhere are abandoning the razor.beard While it may seem like a low maintenance alternative to a smooth face, beards can quickly turn unruly and mangy. We’ve got all the tips to keep yours looking great at any length.

Never cut a beard straight across the bottom, as the shape should mimic the jawline. Fluff up the hair and trim the rogue hairs. For the crisp beard outline, it’s best to use a lightweight clear shave gel in order to see exactly what your razor is moving over. Dermalogica makes the Invigorating Shave Gel for a barber-close shave that soothes and softens skin.   Or you could opt for their skin-conditioning Close Shave Oil, ideal for trimming around goatees and moustaches.  If you’re more concerned about sensitivity than transparency, check out the Soothing Shave Cream. While shaving, always take a couple extra seconds to add water to the shave cream or gel, which will encourage an extra-smooth shave, and never go against the grain.

A common mistake men make is shampooing their beard too frequently. Facial skin is much more sensitive than the scalp, and over washing can lead to dryness and flaking. Using beard oil can alleviate bumps and flakes all while nourishing the hair and encouraging growth.

When it comes to the shape and size of the moustache, look to the length of the beard. A small moustache would look unbalanced next to a large, bushy beard. Always direct the length away from the mouth so it’s still easy to eat.

A well done beard reflects style and confidence. Come to Cameo College for help in shaving, shaping, maintaining or trimming.


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