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The Great Debate: Aesthetics or Esthetics? Let’s Settle It!

May 19 2023

The age-old question of “aesthetics” versus “esthetics” has been the source of much confusion and debate among language enthusiasts. But fear not, dear reader, for we are he read more

Nail Tech School Utah: Launching Your Career at Cameo College of Essential Beauty

May 10 2023

Are you passionate about the art of nail care and looking to pursue a rewarding career in the beauty industry?…

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Zap away hair & more: Exploring electrolysis!

May 05 2023

Unwanted hair got you down? Fear not, because electrolysis may be the answer to all your hair removal woes! This innovative method uses electrical currents to zap away hair and more, leaving you wi read more

Happy Hair, Happy You: The Benefits of Proper Care 🌟

May 03 2023

Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to a happy you! With proper hair care, you’ll not only have luscious locks, but also a boost in confidence and overall happiness. Let’s dive into read more

Come Learn Permanent Cosmetics at Cameo College

Mar 28 2023

Permanent cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. They offer a range of benefits, from…

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The Hype Around Nail Technology

Mar 14 2023

The Hype Around Nail Technology As the beauty industry continues to evolve, one trend that has taken the world by…

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