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Nov 17 2015

Skincare Benefits of Chocolate and Pumpkin

Nov 07 2015

Skincare Benefits of Chocolate and Pumpkin How well do you really know chocolate and pumpkin? Do you know that they’re good…

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Fall Chocolate Pumpkin Facial Event

Nov 03 2015

Why just put it in your face when you can put it on your face? We all know that chocolate…

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Cameo College’s Crazy Halloween

Nov 03 2015

Have-to-Have Halloween Nail Art

Oct 27 2015

HAVE-TO-HAVE HALLOWEEN NAIL ART 1. First on our list of have-to-have Halloween nail art is Holly Furse Stephens’ fiercely frightening take…

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The Glam Show 2015

Oct 10 2015

  The Glam Show was nothing short of incredible. We are so proud of our students for putting all they have into…

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