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Cameo College Takes Top 3 in SASC Cut and Color Competition 2016

SASC Cut and Color Competition

The winners for the 8th Annual Sassoon Academy School Connection (SASC) Cut and Color Competition have been announced and Cameo College swept the board taking all top 3 spots.

SASC Cut and Color Competition Winners:

Austin Gines

Jessica Gonzalez

Michelle Avila


Never before has any college claimed all top 3 spots in the SASC  Cut and Color Competition.

And not only that, but Cameo had 7 students place in the top 10!



SASC Cut and Color Competition

Top 10

Alisa Dutson – Cameo College

Anna Jensen – Cameo College 
Austin Gines – Cameo College 
Brianna Hutton – Hays Academy – Salina
Brittany Green – Hays Academy – Salina
Jessica Gonzalez – Cameo College 
Madison Opoulos – Cameo College 
Michelle Avila – Cameo College 
Michelle Pryor – Cameo College 
Tanisha Steinike – Hays Academy

Every year students send in before and after photos of their models to be anonymously evaluated by the SASC Cut and Color Competition Creative Team. The Creative Team then uses the strict standards of the Sassoon Academy to judge the quality of the students’ work, and out of the hundreds of submissions received they have the difficult task of narrowing it down to just 3 finalists.

The top 3 finalists will be flown out to Long Beach, California and assist the Creative Team backstage to prepare for the Sassoon Main Stage Presentation that takes place during the International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE) from Jan. 30-Feb 1, 2016. The official announcement of who ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be made on stage January 31, 2016.

Justin Olsen, Cameo College’s Director of Cosmetology, expressed his pride in his students saying,

“I couldn’t be happier with the students this year.  Countless hours of work and dedication went into this year’s shoot and each one of the competitors rose bravely to the occasion and conquered.  (Sassoon is so specific and I feel like this year’s photo shoot embodied what true hairdressing is all about.)  We were able to push our work to the next level, explore possibilities, and bring greater comprehension of the Sassoon philosophy to fruition.  It was an honor to lead 7 of our outstanding students to the top ten, and beyond imaginable to have 3 of those take the top 3 places – that’s talent.  I am not only thankful for their participation but thankful for their trust and willingness to let me drive that victory train home – this definitely goes down as the greatest achievement of my teaching career. ”

Austin, Jessica, and Michelle will be joining a long legacy of SASC winners from Cameo College.

 SASC Cut and Color Competition

Previous Winners:

2010 – Madison Wood, 3rd

2011 – Allie Derrick, 3rd

2012 – Suzanne Kroon, 1st 

2012 – Andrea Phillips, 2nd

2014 – Whittney Woodmansee, 3rd


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