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White Spots on Nails: Healthy Flawless Fingers

Dec 12 2023

Discover what those mysterious white spots on your nails are called in this informative blog post. Gain insight into the possible causes and learn how to prevent and treat them effectively. Stay in read more

ISSE Winners 2016

Feb 05 2016

                Left to right: Hair by Michelle Avila – 1st Place, Hair by…

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Big Ideas 2016 – 5 Medical Aesthetic Predictions

Jan 13 2016

Dean M. Tomasello, MD Medical Aesthetic & Skin Care Doctor | Anti-Aging & Skin Care Expert | Medical Writer &…

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Cameo College Takes Top 3 in SASC Cut and Color Competition 2016

The winners for the 8th Annual Sassoon Academy School Connection (SASC) Cut and Color Competition have been announced and Cameo…

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Cameo College of Essential Beauty Honored for Community Involvement

Nov 24 2015

Cameo College of Essential Beauty Honored for Community Involvement, Placement in modern salon media’s 2015 “EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION” Cosmetology school…

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