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What Every Cosmetologist Needs To Tell Their Models Before MUAH

Sep 08 2014

esthetics field beginner advice2If you’re a make-up artist or hair stylist and are looking for ways to help your sessions run smoothly, the key really lies in how you prep your models before the big day.

Often, giving advice and asking for specifics can not only save time later, but also make things a lot easier for everyone.

On that note, this article with focus on what cosmetologists need to tell their models, and we’re going to split this advice into two main sections:

•           Make-up Artist Dos and Don’ts For Models
•           Hairstylist Dos and Don’ts For Models

There are plenty of tips and tricks that will help your models prepare for your MUAH session. This includes taking some simple steps before hand, or avoiding others that may be part of their usual routine. Let’s first take a look at the make-up artist dos and don’ts.

Make-up Artist Dos and Don’ts for Models

•           DO drink plenty of water. Carry water wherever you go, and sip away.

•           DO make sure your fingernails and toenails are clean, well-manicured and the same length.

•           DO show up fresh-faced and make-up free, with NO traces of eyeliner or mascara if possible.

•           DO avoid showing up with dry lips by applying Vaseline the night and morning before your MUAH session.

•           DO wax facial hair a day or two before your session. But DON’T do this an hour or two before as you may have a skin reaction or red area afterwards.

•           DO get at least eight hours sleep the night before.

•           DO wax your brows a couple of days before the session, if this is normal for you. NOT on the day!

•           DO exfoliate your skin the morning of your shoot. However, avoid environment-harming exfoliators that contain micro-beads. Opt for one with natural ingredients, such as St. Ives Apricot Scrub.

•           DO take your own mascara, unless the make-up artist uses disposable wands. Some make-up artists can use the same wand on various different people, which can lead to unhealthy infections. If in doubt, carry your own.

•           DON’T consume red meat, alcohol or spicy foods 72 hours before if possible, as they can cause oily skin and/or swelling.

•           DON’T use Alpha Hydroxy or Retin A cream 72 hours before your session. These can cause your skin to peel and make it more difficult to apply make-up or get good, even coverage.

•           DON’T turn up with fake nails unless previously agreed with your make-up artist.

•           DON’T apply nail varnish unless it’s barely there. Your make-up artist will probably have to remove any bright or harsh colors.

•           DON’T show up with a spray tan the day of the shoot, unless previously agreed. You should try to appear as natural as possible.

•           DON’T turn up covered in sunscreen if possible.

Hairstylist Dos and Don’ts for Models

esthetics field beginner advice1

•           DO refresh your color and cover up those dark roots a few days before. If you’re going to a professional shoot or will be under harsh lights, dark roots can look worse than usual. So unless your stylist requires you to have this look, ensure your roots aren’t showing.

•           DO try ‘shades’ or a toner to brighten your hair and make it shine on the day if you feel your hair could do with a boost.

•           DO show up with dry, clean and product-free hair.

•           DO straighten your hair before your MUAH session if you have naturally curly hair and it is required to be straight for the shoot or event.

•           DO provide your hairstylist with your current hair length and color, preferably with a photo if possible. That way they can plan out what they want to do before you get there, and save time for everyone.

•           DO admit to wearing extensions if applicable. Your hairstylist will need to know and they may need to be removed before styling.

•           DO communicate with your hairstylist. If in doubt, always ask!

•           DON’T drastically change the color of your hair just days before your session, unless previously agreed with your hairstylist.

•           DON’T over-condition your hair before you arrive, as this can make it harder to work with.

•           DON’T use a lot of product in your hair in the days leading up to your MUAH session.

•           DON’T wear a hat on the day, as when you take it off your hair could lie differently and be trickier to style.

esthetics field beginner adviceGeneral etiquette

Chances are, your models will already be experienced with MUAH sessions and know how to behave when they are in your care. However, here are some things your models should NOT do:

•           Use their cell phone or answer calls unless it is absolutely necessary, as this is incredibly rude and unprofessional.

•           Eat or drink while in the hair and make-up chair. No-one wants to have to clean up crumbs or re-apply lipstick because the model couldn’t wait until lunch.

•           Smoke or ask to go for a smoking break during the session. This is never acceptable, and models should always wait until a job is finished to smoke.

•           Be late.

•           Bring a friend to the job. This is very unprofessional and there usually is not enough room to accommodate guests during MUAH sessions.

•           Touch or interfere with hair and make-up while you are working; that’s your job.

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