General Information


The school has no available housing; however, a list of local resources is available upon request.

State Examination:

Upon course completion and financial obligations met by student, student will receive a Certificate of Completion which enables them to take the Utah State Board Exam.

Employment Assistance:

The school does not guarantee any employment; however will assist in placement by providing assistance in resume completion, letter writing, assisting students in making contacts with salons and by posting job bulletins on bulletin boards.

Lifetime Mentoring:

Lifetime Mentoring available to all Cameo Graduates. This program is designed for a lifetime of success. During your career you will have challenges and need assistance in business building. Cameo staff is here to assist you in your needs at no additional fee.

Campus Security Act:

Campus Security act and statistics available upon request.

Admission Requirements:

  • Must be a level 1 Esthetician or Licensed Cosmetologist to enroll in level 2 Master Esthetics Course
  • Must meet compulsory age requirements.
  • Must submit application with $50.00 non-refundable enrollment fee. (Permanent Cosmetics 50% due)
  • Must have high school diploma, transcripts, equivalent or pass ATB entrance exam for programs exceeding 150 hours.
  • PHOTOCOPY (not original) of High school diploma or equivalent (submit with application).
    • Enrollment to Cameo College requires a valid high school diploma or GED. All Foreign diploma’s must be translated to English. We can assist you ($85 fee) or you can go through
  • PHOTOCOPY (not original) of Drivers License or Birth Certificate (submit with application).
  • Photograph of yourself


Some Discounts will apply for students who complete a course and immediately enroll in another.

See below:

Any course of 500 hours or more enrolling into Permanent Cosmetics-$500.00 discount on Permanent Cosmetic tuition

No other discounts or equipment allowance will be given.

What do I look for in a school?

National Accreditation – NACCAS – (703) 600-7600 NACCAS is a National Accreditation firm which ensures educational programs and high standards in many aspects. This is documented through on site evaluations given thru an intensive audit. This is the most common accrediting body for private colleges. Verify the institutions accreditation. It is a state law by the Department of Professional Licensing as of 1/1/02. The state will only accept training from Accredited Institutions.

Approved Accrediting Bodies

NACCAS – 703-600-7600
ACCSCT – 703-247-4526
COE – 800-917-2081

Current License

All schools must hold a valid “School License” from the Department of Professional
Licensing 801-530-6740

Educational Facility or Apprenticeship

There are 2 choices of receiving education.

1) Educational Facility/Institution: Consists of an organized curriculum, theory and practical training each day. Practical experience from start to finish on clients. Supervision by a Licensed Instructor on premise “at all times”.

2) Salon Apprenticeship: Shadowing a professional in a salon.

Professional Products Used

Ask what products are being used in the facility, verify they are reputable and educate yourself on these products by comparing.

Educational Sources

  • Practical experience on live models.
  • Live lecture theoretical instruction.
  • Complete library – Video/DVD/CD/Text
  • Outside Educators / Guest Artists
  • Field Trips / Events
  • Competitions

Transfer of Credits

Verify the training you receive will be accepted nationwide or what your limits may be.


Call professionals in the Industry to get feed-back regarding their recommendations.

On Site Visit

Tour each facility you would be willing to commute to. A simple visit usually has a tremendous impact on your decision. (Consider scheduling a service).